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Stan Grouke for Congress?
Stan Grouke for Congress?  You Bet!
By Elliot Muellers
     Finally putting an end to months and months of speculation over whether or not he would be planning to run for New York States 23rd Congressional seat, currently held by Sherry Boehlert (R-Utica), Chlymidia Mountain Mayor Stanley Grouke, told a packed audience at the Chlymidia Mountain Peoples complex that "yes" he did have "congressional aspirations."  "But not until at least 2002, or 2004."  Said the Mayor, just elected to his second term.  "I'd like to do my best to serve the people of Chlymidia Mountain before I begin giving higher office any hard thought."  "But it's definitely something I aspire to do in the near future."  If Grouke were to run, he would primarily seek the nomination of the New York State Socialist party, as well as the Green Party, Independent Party, Liberal Party, Working Families Party, NORML, as well as Chlymidia Mountains own ILUS Party.  "I'm not too optimistic about how the New York State political establishment would feel about adopting me to run.   There are several parties whose nominations I'm a little more confidant about, but it's definitely going to be uphill battle."  And campaigning will be no simple task either.  If intent on being elected by a majority of the electorate in New York States 23rd Congressional district, grouke is going to have to campaign in a wide variety of towns and cities, where it's likely he'll be known better as Stan who?  This may be to grouke's advantage at this point.  For Chlymidia Mountain, a hotbed of liberals, socialists, and other leftists, is not the greatest place to hail from, when your running in a traditionally Republican district.   Grouke will have to visits places like Utica, Cooperstown, Fort Plain, Cobleskill, Norwich, and Canajoharie.  How will these places receive Grouke?  Well, that remains to be seen, and making any conjecture as to the answer of that question, would probably result in a prejudgment of the people of those communities, which probably wouldn't be fair.  Hopefully, for Grouke's sake anyway.  
     Grouke is hoping that he can capitalize (yes, even those he is a card-carrying communist) off of America's disenchantment with the one-party rule of the Republican-Democratic party.  "Any distinction between the Democrats and Republicans is all about gone, at this point, this puts the responsibility on the shoulders of alternative parties, to appeal to that disenchantment, and give the American people the type of populist leadership that a majority of them really want and desperately need."  Say's Grouke.  For a number of years Grouke has been positioning himself to seize upon that collective disenchantment.  And the way things are going, the time will be right for such a move, in a couple of years.  "I think that with Gore and Bush, two completely interchangeable corporate dummies, Americans are seeing just how watered down, insipid, and aloof Corporate America and Wall Street have made their Democracy.  After the 2000 presidential election, people are going to really start getting sick of it.   By 2002 people are going to be ready for something different.  Bank on it."   
     "Ending corporate welfare, obtaining a living wage, universal healthcare, protecting the environment, ending the fallacious war on drugs, enacting true campaign finance reform, these are progressive causes, that the majority of Americans do care about.  And The Democratic Party has flat left the American people to jump into the back pockets of Corporate America.  So the onus falls on us, the American people to replace this sham of a democracy, with something new.  That's what I plan to offer constituents when and if I run for higher office."   Will Grouke's positions be embraced or rejected on a statewide ballot box?  Thats a question that'll be answered soon enough.  The only thing we can predict with near certainty is that the American people will become increasingly disenchanted with the bogus system that is pillaging and plundering them.   And this disenchantment, will undoubtedly cause droves of voters to look beyond the Democratic-Republican party in coming years, otherwise, sadly American democracy will find itself on a declivitous trajectory.  You can bank on it.