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 City Department Managers

City Attorney
City Justice Department Administrator
Department of Economic Development
City Comptroller
Department of Labor
Department of Welfare and Social Services
Department of Public Housing
Department of Public Works
Department of Buildings and Codes
Department of Education
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Transportation

The City Attorney Office is the legal arm of the City of Crumm Mountain. In addition to rendering legal advice to the Mayor and City departments, the Justice Department performs other duties, including drafting ordinances and resolutions for the Common Council, preparing contracts, licenses, leases, permits, deeds and easements, and prosecuting violators of traffic and building laws.

The Justice Department has responsibility for representing the City in employee grievance and disciplinary hearings. In addition, the Justice Department represents the City, its officers, employees, boards and agencies in lawsuits and proceedings in State and Federal Courts and before administrative agencies.

City Attorney Aaron Gaglione (SD)

The Administrator of Justice Department is the head of the Justice Department and works with the various agencies within the Department of Justice, such as the Police Department, the Department of Corrections, and all the various complaint and review boards.   

Adminstrator Alexander Brunewit (SD)

The Comptroller is the chief fiscal officer of the City, and in this respect is responsible for auditing and payment of vouchers to assure fiscal integrity and compliance with law and City policy. The Comptroller is responsible for managing cash to assure maximum return and safety of invested funds. The Comptroller's Office processes the payrolls of all City departments, audits City voucher payments and cash receipts and performs internal control audits.

Comptroller Bartholemew Runley (SD)

Department of Assesment and Taxation This Department assesses all real property within the City, annually compiles an assessment roll of approximately 31,000 properties on which real property taxes are levied, and administers programs for granting real property tax exemptions to eligible individuals and organizations.

Commissioner Jacob Kleinberger (SD)

City Attorney General (Department of Justice)
Aaron Gaglione (S) Elected position

Administrator of Justice Department
Alexander Brunewit (S) Appointed Position

City Comptroller-Manages all the cities finances.  Responsible for collecting taxes, and allocating funds, all city expenditures, are processed by this agency.  
Bart Runley (S)

Department of Economic Development
Pauline Sorensen (S)

Department of Labor
Fred Kane (S)

Department of Welfare and Social Services
Colleen Rockwell (I)

Department of Public Housing
Gregory Hughes (S)

Department of Public Works-Manages basic public works projects and works to meet basic infrastructure needs.  Gives out garbage contracts, street maintenence, sewer treatment, municipal water projects,
Tina Treadwell-Hanes (I)

The Crumm Mountain Water Commission: Handles all of the city's water related business
Director: Kenneth Grover

The Road Maintenance Commission
This commission is charged with maintaining all roads within the city
John Poundridge

The Public Power Commission
This commission is charged with obtaining wholesale electricity and making it available to city residents.   
Commissioner:  Donald Cruise

Department of Building regulations and codes-Manages the development and contruction of new structures, and oversees the maintenence of existing structures.   Allocates funding, handles permits, contracts, and other applications
Will Draper (S)

Transportation Commission-Manages the cities bus system, and the light rail system.   
Commisioner Stephen Locke (S)

Department of Education
Karl Rueben (S)

Department of Environmental Conservation
Tanya Skinner (S)