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Places to stay
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The Crumm Mountain Autonomous Zone officially opens for business on May 1st and remains open through Halloween.   Reservations are currently for sale.  Here are our rates

Recommended dwelling facilities
Motel Ebola
A fine, economical resort facility with all the accomodations.  Only drawback is, you might catch the always fatal Ebola Virus thats been going around.  Theres always a Haz-Mat crew, trying to quarantine infected individuals, but they never seem to get everyone, so theres always somebody lying around bleeding out of every orifice.  

The Corrections Corporation of Crumm Mountain
As less and less people are committing crimes, less and less people are being incarcerated.   This is not good for the booming prison building industry, so the innovative capitalists at CCCM, have come up with a revolution for corrections in America.  They call it voluntary incarceration.  They're goal is to sell the American people on the idea that prison life is the way of the future.   Hey, it's safe, theres always a steady meal, you can keep track of your loved ones, you don't have to worry about your kids running away, if they're bad you can send them to the hole,  and when your on the chaingang, you never have to worry about commuting to work again.  They also have state of the art recreation and entertainment facilities.       Come and sentence yourself to a weekend of fun at the Corrections Corporation of Crumm Mountain

The Den of Iniquity

Mobile dwelling unit  (2 bedroom, sanitary facilities, and eating facilities)
2 weeks-500.00
1 week-300.00
50 dollars a night

Theme dwelling quarters
The Middle of Nowhere
Paradise Lost
Oceania Motor Court
The Love Nest
The Den Of Iniquity
Your Friendly Neighborhood Cheap, Sleazy, Rat-infested, Whorehouse Motel
Dental School Rejects Motel
The Bottom of the Barrel.

To make a reservation please call
Call 1 518 294