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Upcoming elections
Crumm Mountains next election is January 2003.  Unlike most other municipalities and governing entities, Crumm Mountain holds it's city election in the beginning of the year.*  After a candidate is elected in the winter, they are inaugerated in the spring.   They have from March 4th to June 26th and then from September 8th to December 4th to pass a city budget, confirm mayoral appointees, review proposed city ordinances, provide for the maintanence of the cities infrastructure.   Sewage, water lines, electricity, etc.   Primary Day for both parties is October 29th

*Why does Crumm Mountain do this?   Just to be different I guess.  


Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 3
Edward Adams
Geoffrey Hatlee
Bert Schrader
Social Democratic Labor Party
Gertrude Silber
Tanya Skinner
Bernadette Chapman

Common Council, Ward 1 (Downtown Crumm Mountain)
Gertrude Silber (Social Democrat) (Incumbent)
Possible Republican Contenders
Ed Adams-Recent Mayoral candidate, and Executive Director of Strategic Family Defense Initiative
Jerry Lubbard-Former Assistant City Attorney
Shane Carmen-Local Republican activist
Ivan Cole-Republican Party Committee Member

Common Council, Ward 2 (Pomegranate Valley)
Geoffrey Hatlee (Republican) Incumbent
Possible Social Democracy contenders
Darlene Lapierre-Member of the Social Democracy Party Central Committee, and previous candidate
Tanya Skinner-Secretary of the City Department of Environmental Protection

Common Council, Ward 3 (Gomorrah Heights)
Bernard Schrader (Republican) Incumbent
Possible Democratic Contenders include  
Bernadette Chapman-Assistant City Attorney
Priscilla Huntington-Member of the Crumm Mountain Board of Education
Brian Rosiewicz-Social Democracy Activist
Lucas Bayer-Social Democracy Activist

$-Announced candidacy
?-Expected to announce

Polling data last updated: DEC 20/01
Mayoral Race
Stanley Grouke (Democratic-Socialist Coalition) 76 percent
Edward Adams (Republican) 24 percent

*Latest polling done by The Morning Enterprise

City Legislature, District 5
Herbert Hornstein (Social Democracy Party) Incumbent 83 percent
Robert J. Cannon (Republican) 18 percent

*Polls taken by The Morning Enterprise

City Legislature, District 7
Kevin Leiland (Republican) Incumbent 58 percent
Ronnie Parker (Democratic-Socialist Coalition) 42 percent

*Polling data taken by The Chlymidia Mountain Reader

City Legislature, District 3 (Vacant Seat)
Bernadette Charles (Democratic-Socialist Coalition) 60 percent
Burton F. Schrader (Republican) 40 percent

Bernadette Charles (Democratic-Socialist) 63 percent
Priscilla Hunnings Lee (Democratic-Socialist) 37 percent        
Burton F. Schrader (Republican) 74 percent
Gaston Clarke (Republican) 26 percent                                       

After each election, there will be an Election Results page.  This will include a detailed breakdown of voting patterns.  The page will last for approximately a month.  Results from past elections can be attained by written request by writing to:
Chlymidia Mountain Board of Elections
PO Box 7546
Chlymidia Mountain, NY 12165

Results for the Primary Election held on October 29, 2001
For the January 2002 general election

Mayoral Race
Republican Party

Edward Adams 48 percent
David Baxter 38 percent
Mort Devereaux 10 percent
Patterson Greene 4 percent

City Legislative District 5
Republican Party

Bobby Cannon 58 percent
Daniel Gershowitz 52 percent

City Legislative District 7
Democratic-Socialist Coalition

Ronnie Parker 63 percent
Otto Bethelman 22 percent
Fred Kane 15 percent

Who's up in 2002?
Stan Grouke(DS)

October 29 is Primary day
No one from the Democratic Socialist Party is challenging Stan Grouke
But the Democratic Party of Chlymidia Mountain is to hold a primary.  Candidates include:
Stephen Howe (D)
Ida Bricklin (D)
Ben Zeh (D)

The Republicans are to hold a primary as well.    Contestants include:
David Baxter (R)
Mort Devereaux (R)
Ed Adams (R)

The winners of those primaries will go on to face Mayor Grouke in the January election

City Legislature races

District 4:
Currently held by Harvey Hooper (SD)
Republican Party challengers include:
Burton Schrader
Daniel Gershowitz
Robert D Cannon
Jeffrey Mabe
Gaston Clarke

Kevin Leiland (R)
Challengers include:
Ronald H. Parker
Dan Sponcula
Otto Bettmann