Operation Infantile Justice
     I can hear them now.   The infantile shrieks of George The Second.   "But they bombed us first."   "Osama started it."  There is little doubt in my mind that as civillian body counts mount in Afghanistan's cities,  and American bombs and missiles reduce to smithereens the few remaining smithereens of a country already ravaged by decades of war, that it is a perverse and infantile lust for vengeance that America is seeking.   Even worse, it pains me to observe,  we are employing a cowardly form of terrorism, far worse then that which we are supposedly laboring to eradicate.   Let me ask you, what makes the innocent life lost in the world trade center and the pentagon, so much more tragic then the half a million children dead from starvation, malnutrition, and preventable disease in Iraq, as a result of the sadistic economic sanctions in place for almost a decade?   By what contortion of conscience is it permissible for the Isreali army to abuse, mistreat, and dispossess Palestinian citizens with both America's arms and blessings.  These long-running American-sponsered atrocities, along with a dark, decades-long history of support for violent, brutal, and oppressive regimes, amount to a form of terrorism far worse then what we witnessed on September 11.   Now, I know just as well as any American the shock of seeing such death and destruction taking place in our country, in our cities, in our home.   I was reduced to numbness upon the realization that 6,000 innocent Americans perished for crimes not of their own perpetration, but of their government.    There is no justification for violence.  Not for oppressed Arabs, and not for vengeance-seeking Americans.   Further bloodshed will only continue the cycle, and garauntee a future of carnage and misery, for not only the middle east, but America as well.   
     One thing is for certain.   Terrorism must be stopped.  And if America is serious about stopping terrorism, it must stop employing it.   Cruise missiles raining down upon the crippled and impoverished masses of Afghanistan, will do little to firm up security in the United States.   A much more prudent course of action would be to rectify some of the long-standing grievances of the Arab people.   We must work with Isreal to unilaterally put a stop to the violence.   Effective immediately we should make our ally status conditional upon such action.   I don't care what our relationship has been with Isreal in the past, we need tell them today in no uncertain terms, that if they are going to pursue a bloody campaign against the Palestianian people, we can not and will not support them.   Next we should end all economic sanctions against Iraq.   They have caused enough devestation to the Iraqi populace.   And as for the Saddam Hussein biological and chemical weapons program?   Well, I understand it's been developed quite easily, in spite of the UN sanctions.   So not only have the sanctions left hundreds of thousands dead, they have not served their purpose either.     We must drastically and hurriedly establish a vastly different foreign policy towards the middle east, if terrorism is to truly be allayed.  
     Secondly, we must avoid characterizing the Al-Queada forces, by their religious extremism.   Not only is that logically feeble, but it's immoral, as it serves to distract Americans from the real reasons behind their actions.   The corporate-owned media is serving up these depictions of bin Laden and his followers as rabid islamists hating America because we have freedom of religion, and we allow our women to wear casual clothing.   Even The Nation's Christopher Hitchens has accomodated this line of thinking, but I'm not going to get into that.  I'll just say that it seems rather foolish to believe that the casual dress of the American woman, had anything to do with why the attacks on the twin towers or the pentagon.  

 is it security or satisfaction that we seek.  It would take a highly credulous mind to accept the former possibility.   The crippled children of Kabul, the destitute, the peassants, are hardly a threat to American security.   Yet they are seeing the wrath of American vengeance.   The real monsters making haven in Afghanistan could be less affected by the bombing raids.

do the cowardly acts of terrorism being carried out by the US government strive for security or satisfaction?   

 As American forces labor in Afghanistan, to even the body count of innocent civillians, indiscriminately bombing and murdering Afghan civillians, in the same kinds of cowardly acts of terrorism that brought about the bombing in the first place, we are quickly exhausting the remarkable showing of sympathy

Sean Bennett, informs us all admonishingly of the mounting body counts in Afghanistans cities.    Maybe we've missed those reports.  Too busy worrying about the mounting body counts in lower Manhatten, I guess.