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Sean Booger-Guitar, vocals Seans Online Journal
Leech Yeoman-Guitar, keyboards
Birthday Boy-Bass
Prince Kevin-Drums

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     Well, no one really knows how long they've been around.  I remember hearing of them about 6 years ago.  They only started making albums recently.  Emotionally Disturbed, and the forthcoming Chixdontdiggit.    Both released by On Strike Records.
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Just Visiting
Just Visiting
Just Visiting

Some lyrics
Throw a Temper Tantrum (Over You)
Baby if you turn me down,  I'm gonna throw myself on the ground, gonna carry on til I get my way, and we're together night and day,  I'm gonna throw a temper tantrum over you, gonna throw a temper tantrum over you, stomp my feet and pee my pants, if you don't give me this dance, girl you were meant to hold my hand, gonna kick and scream until you understand, I'm gonna throw a temper tantrum over you

Good Enough To Eat
She look good enough to eat, I've been fattening her up for weeks, and now I think she's finally ripe, yeah she's look delicious tonight...  when I see your meaty hips, my mouth waters and lick my lips, just one glance at your tender flesh, my hearts starts pounding and I catch my breathe..... I won't insult her intelligence with any cannibal cliche's, like if she asks me whats for dinner, I won't just grin and look away, no I'll play it smooth, or else she might suspect, that as soon as she turns around, I'm gonna bop her on the head, cuz she looks good enough to eat, I've been fattening her up for weeks, yeah I think she's finally ripe, she looks delicious tonight.   

Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Mea Culpa

when I met you, you were young,
upwardly mobile, and professional
but after just a year, of dating me
look at you, your totally pitiful

and it's all my fault
I accept full responsibility
I talked you into dropping out of school
and living on the street

your parents had such high hopes
so did I, til you started using my dope
you were on your way, gonna go far
now your unemployed and were sleeping in a car
your parents thought you'd meet a nice rich man
but now were eating out of garbage cans

do you remember, the first time
I brought you home wasted

Play Dead

Maybe if I lie down on the floor
they won't bother me anymore
No matter what I do
they don't get a clue
I guess you'll never get it through your head
lucky me I'm dead
If I play dead, will you stop chasing me?
If I play dead, will you let me be
If I play dead, will you let me rest in peace?  

Nipping at my heels, I'm on the run
But it looks like your jobs already done
laying here, I wait until they go away
survived to run another day
before the vultures start chewing out my eyes

Run, on your treadmill, don't look back
face forward, stay on track
Run, on your treadmill, step it up
your not going nowhere fast enough
You think your slowly dying
but your already dead
on the inside looking down the barrel
of the gun aimed at your head
Your fingers on the trigger, all you have to do is squeeze
at this point you know it's just
a formality

Let's take it slow
C'mon baby let's take it slow
theres just so much I don't know
never been with a girl before

I told her I wasn't interested in dating
and that she was getting kind of irritating
but she doesn't seem to hear a word I say
or get the message I'm trying to convey
so I'm gonna
Play Dead
maybe she'll leave me alone
she'll stop walking by my home
and calling on the phone

if there was a way to account for taste
I'd have to conclude that she was insane
I'm socially retarded, and sexually frustrated
and downwardly mobile too,
take a look at me, and don't you see, that theres
not a whole lot worse that you could do

most people take a look at me
and get the fucking hint
that I'm not looking for a relationship
but this girl, she's doesn't have a clue
let me tell ya what I'm gonna do
repeat chorus


I don't care if theres kids in here
I know my rights I will not fear
go ahead, call the police
I'm not afraid to go to bat for my beliefs
I'm making an important statement
although I'm not quite sure what it is

Fuck the flag
Fuck the flag, fuck the flag, fuck the flag
It's just another useless rag
Fuck the flag, fuck the flag

They think that if they increase the speed
of this treadmill that we're running on
we won't notice that we're going nowhere fast.  

Shut down the school of the americas
it's an all american terrorist training camp
training assasins
and drug runners for the CIA

welfare state

I wanna live in a welfare state
want entitlements from cradle to grave
wouldn't it, wouldn't it, wouldn't it be great
if we were living in a welfare state

I wanna see Kenneth Lay executed
wanna see wealth redistributed
ya know if we downsized some billionaires
we could give everybody quality healthcare
the pursuit of happiness is garaunteed
social security should kick in at age 18
profits are just wages stolen, property is theft
some people know what time it is, some people don't
some people can't, but most people won't

Social Conditioning

They'll make you cynical, they'll make you tame
They'll beat you at your own game
you'll be a corpse by the time they're through
You don't play the system, it plays you
Mass Media, Public schools, organized religion,
They fuck your mind

Conform, Consume, do as your told
alienate anyone that don't fit the mold

be reasonable
demand the impossible

Burrowing From Within
Planned Parenthood
The Battle in Seattle
Waiting for Justice
Aryan Nation

New world order
Zionist Occupied government

Earth to skinhead asshole
why don't you open up your eyes
just take a look around
you've been spoonfed lies

if anything was cookin
in your maggot-occupied brain

You think the country's
run by jews
but you've been lied to
your confused

Theres no fucking
zionist conspiracy
it's your own white christian brother
who sells you into slavery

Kenny Boy, Dick Cheney
they're the ones that call the shots

The Battle in Seattle

Teamsters and turtles
in the streets
taking on
the global elite

50,000 strong
marched on Seattle

a rich and powerful few
exploiting everyone else
they call this new world order

the junkyards dogs
of the capitalist class
attack the people
with blackjacks and teargas

Blah Blah Blah
Seans Online Journal
May 15 2002
May 16 2002
May 17 2002

Entry Number One
It's 1:06 in the morning and my computers busy downloading The Big Ka-boom Part 1 by Jello Biafra.   Wow, this is harder then I thought.   I'm twenty years old, and I never really thought about keeping a journal before, well not at least up until a few weeks ago.    It's not like I'm leading an exciting life or anything, far from it in fact.   It's just that I figured that a lot of the pathetic shit that I deal with, will probably seem rather interesting to me, in the future, when I no longer feel the need to hassle with it.   Like all the shit that get's me down.  At work, at school, at home, but mostly at work.   I just think it'll be kinda cool to refer back to it once in a while, to laugh, to cry, or just to get pissed off.   Plus I want to have a reason to practice my writing.    Thats one of the things I like to do.   I like to write.   I started writing about four or five years ago.  Nothing serious, I mean thats when it occured to me that I might enjoy writing.    I guess it started in middle school.  Let's just say I had a rather untamed imagination.   I started writing fantasy stories about alternate realities, and the bizarre characters that inhabit them.   Primarily I wrote about the Oibas, and the Oiba Rebels.    Since I was desperate for attention in those days, I filled my writings with violent and disturbing themes.   Let's just say, I got the attention I wanted.    It was around that time that I started getting into punk.   This was the mid-nineties, and I was in my early teens, so of course I listened to Green Day, Rancid, and The Offspring and all that stuff. But in a few years I started getting into other stuff like Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise, and then the Dead Kennedy's.   When I was 15 I ordered In God We Trust Inc., from Sessions mail order catalog.   After that I started getting into more older political bands like Crass and Black flag.   So naturally I started taking an interest in politics and social issues.   Thats when I started developing my own political identity.    It just so happened that a cousin of mine, was just getting into the same thing.  We always had a way of getting into the same stuff at the same time.   A tendency that unfortunately for me, no longer seems to be the case.   He's going to St. Johns University studying to be a lawyer.  I'm a cashier at a discount retail store.  But anyway we started getting real close around 9th grade.    He lived in Bayshore and I, in Long Beach.  I'm talking about Long Island by the way.   I had just moved up from Florida before I went into 9th grade.   We would sleep over each others houses and shit.  His friends kinda accepted me, cuz I didn't have any friends of my own, on account of just moving to NY, and of course, being a total freak.   But thats another entry.    We used to listen to punk rock, and talk politics.   Sometimes we'd try to get his Mom to drive us to punk shows.   We didn't go to too many, because Long Island is very spread out, and the shows were all over the place.   There were clubs in Mineola, in Centereach, in Bellmore, in Lindenhurst.   We could hardly ever get to them.   And thats a shame, because the fews shows we went to, the bands were pretty good.     Anyway, for a year or two, Tom and I, were awfully close.   But eventually we outgrew one another.   Oh well.   By the time I graduated high school.   I was writing all kinds of shit about politics.   I think what really got me into politics was the impeachment proceedings.   I just thought Ken Starr and Henry Hyde were all so fuckin full of shit.   Big hypocrites.    I'm no fan of Clinton.  I mean, don't get me wrong I'm glad he was President for eight years.  I mean he took eight years to do what George Bush would've done in two or three.   i.e. NAFTA, GATT/WTO, Welfare Reform, the Telecommunications Act of 96, the infamous crime bill.   Just think where we would've been if we had another eight years of Bush and co.   It's a scary thought.   Anyway I was against the impeachment.   I saw it as nothing short of an attempted coup.    Supporters of impeachment tried to say it was all about morality, and that Bill Clinton wasn't fit to lead the nation.  But then Larry Flynt, that sick bastard, exposed all these fakers, like Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, et al as complete hypocrites.   When they were stripped of their morality argument, they had to fall back on the perjury shit.   Pleeeeeeeeease.    Ronald Reagan and George Bush lied about a lot worse, and these people never said a damn thing.   The S&L crisis, Iran/Contra, taxpayers being swindled out of trillions of dollars, mass murder, thats ok.  But lying about a blowjob, well thats just too much.   Gimme a break.   The whole thing was just a coup.   Clinton wasn't playing the game fast enough, so they wanted him outta there.   It was as simple as that.   Anyway, what they wanted to do in 98, they did in 2000.    Now we've got a useless alchoholic in the White House, whose only smart move in life was to become the son of a President.  Everything he's got in life was handed to him on a silver platter.   The White House is no exception.  Al Gore knew he had no choice but to give in and walk away.   Hell he knew from the get-go that it was a done deal.   But what could he do?   Thats why he stood there like a fucking moron in those debates.    It was probably harder to let Bush win, then to actually clobber the silly fool like the clown he is.   But despite Gore's early forfeit.  The American electorate wasn't quite willing to be served to Bush on that silver platter.     And Gore won.  Fair and square.   Exactly how he became President is still an issue of some mystery to me.   More mysterious is how the American people stood idly by while their precious little democracy was ripped away from them.   So the last couple of years have been pretty bad for Americans.   We've seen the collapse of democracy, the economic boom of the late 90's, and the two twin towers.   Whats next?  We've still got three more years to go.  ya better buckle up cuz it's going to be a bumpy ride.    
     Anyway I didn't have to work today.  So I decided to take a drive with my Mom and Dad into Schenectady, cuz my Mom had a doctors appointment.   Oh by the way I'm living upstate now.   I moved up from Long Island about two years ago.   Anyway I'm living in the sticks so I like to get into civillization whenever I get the chance.  Sure I have a license and could go anytime I wanted but I never have the wherewithall to get up and go on my own.  So anyway, it was a really lousy day.  It pretty much rained all day, save for a few temporary breaks in the thick cloud covering.  But hey.  Thats upstate NY for ya.   Anyway Schenectady is a real shithole in case you didn't know.   It's totally rundown and dillapidated.  It's like being in a third world country.   Most of upstate is like that though.   Actually, I read that if you sliced away NYC and Long Island Upstate would easily rank as the worst state in the union as far as poverty and unemplyment go.   I'm not going to say that it's a shame or something.  Because the area doesn't have a thing to offer anyone.   All it ever had was a few shithole factory towns, and a whole lot of miserable-looking farms.    
    Anyway I came home and played guitar for a while.   I did some shit on the computer, and watched some TV.   Actually tonight I watched The Shield with my Dad and Brother.   That show is fucking great.  It's NYPD Blue on crack.  It's following the lead of The Sopranos, with a clearly contemptible, but yet loveable protagonist, who is clearly of a conflicted moral character.     The show fucks with your whole idea of a hero, that you can identify with.  It's ultimate feat, so far has been to show that their aren't any clear boundaries between right and wrong.   And well thats how life is.   Things don't make sense.   They ain't supposed to.   Anyway life is chaos.   I think I'll end this on that note.   It's almost 2:30 now, and I have to e-mail a friend, and go to bed.   So that's that.  
-Sean Constipation

May 15, 2002
    There was a big brouhaha today over some pictures that the President is using to raise money.   For 150 dollars you can buy a set of three pictures of the president.  One of the inauguration, one of his state of the union address, and one from September 11.   The controversy began when Al Gore, fired a scathing letter attacking the President for trying to capitalize off of the terrorist attacks.   A picture is worth a thousand words he said.   But trying to exploit a tragedy for political profit is worth only one; disgraceful.   I couldn't agree more.  This whole thing just reeks to high heaven.   For some reason I was watching Fox News Channel most of the day.  And the whole time, all they were doing was defending the President.   Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ollie North.   Of course they tried to deflect the attention away from Bush and back onto Gore, by saying that he's a hypocrite because he raised money in a friggin buddhist temple, and rented out the Lincoln bedroom.  That is such bullshit.  While I of course condemned the fundraising excesses of the Clinton administration.  None of it compares to exploiting a tragedy like September 11.   We all know that without 9/11 Bush would be foundering in the polls right now.  We all know that 9/11 is the only reason the dems gave Bush a free pass on the whole Enron thing -which isn't over yet I might add.  Unfortunately I think the Republicans are going to win big in this years elections.   Bush is just so fuckin popular, and people are fuckin stupid.   Oh well.   
   So Bush's attempt to capitalize off of September 11 is outrageous, disgusting, embarrassing, demeaning, pathetic, grotesque.  But profiting off of other peoples misery is something that the Bush family has been doing for a long time.   Just look back to the holocaust.   Prescott Bush made a fortune building up the nazi war machine.   He even profited from jewish slave labor in Auschwitz.   I just read a really good article on all the business connections in the latest issue of Clamor Magazine.   I know Bill O'Reilly wouldn't talk about this on the factor, but the American people have a right to know that their president comes from a family of nazi supporters, and whose own business ventures may have been supported with nazi blood money.  Anyway I'm sure we can expect even more vulgar and obscene attempts at exploiting the terrorist attacks in the coming months.  Obviously Bush has no shame, and will sink to any low to get what he wants.  
  Anyway, I've reflected on the days political events enough.   I should probably go into my personal life a little.   First off let me just say that I didn't do a damn thing today.   Except maybe some laundry but thats about it.   I watched some TV, actually thats pretty much all I did.   It's not that I'm some kind of slacker, it's just that I've got a headcold, and had to stay indoors because it was so chilly out.   It must have been about 55 degrees today.  Can you believe that?  The middle of fuckin May.  If I feel better tomorrow I'd like to go for a scooter ride up the back roads by my house.  It'll be the first time since the warm weathers returned and I won't have to wear a coat, gloves, and hat.   I get a lot of my ideas for my writing when I ride that scooter up in the woods.  Hopefully I'll feel better enough to go for a ride.   If not, it'll be another day of watching TV.  Of course ER is on tomorrow.   The small pox episode.   I wanted to watch that.  I think it's gonna be good.  
   Luckily I haven't really faced any of my recent demons.  They've really been on my tail this year.  Feeding on my insecurities, like parasites.   Bitterness and self-loathing have been my only friends this year.  They've kept me warm in a cold, inhospitable world, but they've also kept my demons nice and plump.  Rarely a day goes by when I don't ask myself why it is that I'm twenty years old, and have never had a real girlfriend.    Or why I just can't seem to make any friends.  I've been going through some dark days.  Just really hating myself.   Thinking that I'm a complete imbecile with absolutely nothing going for me.   I have to admit, my family and my co-workers haven't done a whole lot to dissuade me from feeling this way.   Perhaps a change of surroundings is in order.   Over the last year, I've really been unhappy.  Although my life is seemingly perfect.  I'm young, free, living in America, and I don't have any girlfriends to complicate my life.  Yet something is definetly lacking.   Maybe I'm just not satisfied with my homelife.  Maybe I need to finally leave the nest.   Anyway, I'm just glad I didn't have to deal with those parasitic emotions today.  They'll surely return after a long night on the job.     

May 16 2002
What Did The President Know?
   It has been revealed that the Bush administration had recieved a warning from the FBI that Osama bin Laden was planning a major terrorist attack against the United States involving aircraft and buildings, approximately a month prior to 9/11.   The memo, leaked to the press yesterday, has sent the Bush administration into emergency damage control mode.   Scrambling to explain away their enormous lapse in national security.   Could September 11 have been prevented?   It's hard to say.  If somebody took this information seriously, when they got a hold of it in August of 2001, who knows what could have happened?   Bush's defenders will try to paint this as an attempted attack on Bush's sky-high approval ratings.   Already, many are using the fact that we are at war to deflect all criticism of the President as unpatriotic.  
   As little as I want to be tarred with that brush, wink, wink.  I have some questions about this administration and it's secretive ways.   What else are they hiding?   It took 8 months for this memo to be leaked.   Don't you wonder what else they might be witholding from the public?   Kind of like those energy task force meetings that Dick Cheney doesn't want the public to find about.   I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but what if Bush and Cheney deliberately ignored those FBI warnings?   They did need a reason to get rid of the Taliban.  There is a lot of money to be made building a pipeline through Afghanistan, to transport oil from the Caspian Sea region to a Pakistani port.  An American oil company has already been drawing up plans for such a pipeline.   Unocal, a California-based energy company stands to make billions of dollars on a pipeline through Afghanistan.   It does seem awfully convenient.  Is it bad of me to imagine George W. Bush on his Texas ranch rubbing his hands together at the thought of having a war in Afghanistan to help his energy-industry backers build their oil pipeline?   Thats not to mention how it might enhance the Republican Party's prospects for the midterm elections.  I know it's paranoid, but when theres a Bush in the White House, anything is possible.   
  Other then that, there wasn't much else going on today.   I went to the college to pick up paycheck and drop off my pre-admission deposit for next year.   Then I picked up the mail.  Oh and I did go for a scooter ride even though I haven't quite fully recovered from my little headcold.  I probably prolonged the cold an extra couple of days because it was just so friggin' chilly and windy out.  So my day pretty much sucked.   
   Leftover Crack is playing at Valentines Friday the 24th.   They're one of the bigger name punk acts to come through the capital region.  If I can get off work that night I'll try to see em play.   Because of my work schedule I don't get to go to too many shows.  So I wanna see if I can work weekdays instead of weekends.   If they say no I'll just quit.   I don't need to be workin' at this miserable fuckin' place for another summer.  By the way I've been working at the same job for about a year and three quarters.  So I've been fed up with this place for a long time.  I've seriously considered quitting since about the first night on the job.  I hope I'm not working there forever.  If I don't leave when I go to college full time in the Fall, I don't think I'll ever leave.  I just don't have an exit strategy.  It's a real quagmire.  I know you probably think it's easy to just up and quit.  But it's not.  I really wish it were.  But it's just not.  I have to have health insurance, and there just isn't a lot of places to work around here that will give you decent health insurance.  Thats not to say that I'm completely satisfied with my present HMO.  Far from it.   They got me paying through the nose.  But I have to have it.  I have a heart condition, that from time to time shows up and I have to go the hospital.  If this happened and I didn't have insurance.  I'd be fucked.   That brings me to the issue of universal healthcare.  I think we ought to have it.  We're the wealthiest country on the planet, and yet we have 39 million people without health insurance.  What the hell is that about?  Don't you think this countries billionaires could stand to tighten their belts a little, so that 39 million people aren't without health insurance?   Instead of Bush's reckless tax cuts, we should have spent the federal surplus on a european-style single-payer health care system.  Socialized medicine.  Getting decent medical care in America should be a human fucking right, not just another commodity.  Ah well.  America's not a bad country, we've just got our priorities a little mixed up thats all.  Thats all for now I guess.  I'm tired and I'd like to finish reading my spellsinger book.  I'm reading the first one now.  I've read the Moment of the Magician, The Path of the Perambulator, and The Time of the Transference.  Now I've been reading the very first of the Spellsinger series.  It's called the Spellsinger.   So good night and for me it's off the read about the otherworldly exploits of Jon-Tom Meriweather, Clothahump the wizard, and Mudge the foul-mouthed otter.   
May 17, 2002
Cast not pearls before swine
I begin this entry with a rather troubling question.   Is European social democracy on the wane?  For years the progressive, oft times socialist governments of Europe have seemingly advanced the modern welfare state.  What the US began in the 1930s with the New Deal, the Europeans mastered, while we eventually fell back on the pre-New Deal laissez-faire economics of Herbert Hoover.  Western European countries, especially the scandinavian states, have enacted a plethora of social welfare programs benefiting the public.   Taxes of course are extremely high, but so is the standard of living and the quality of life.  But the last few years have seen Europe beginning to follow a different trend.   Increased corporate-led globalization has forced the mainstream governments of Europe, mainly social democratic in nature, to give in and begin embracing features of the preferred neo-liberal world order, in which the roles customarily served by the state, are taken over by the marketplace.  This economic transformation is part of a larger upwardly redistributive economic program.  It's about rerouting capital servicing public needs, into the private sector.   In the United States this program was drastically accelerated beginning in the early 1980's with Ronald Reagan.  Bill Clinton championed these policies as well during his eight years as president.  With this process of globalization fiercely underway, the governments of Europe are caving in left and right to the pressure.   The result has been a very palpable sense of alienation among working class people.  In certain parts of Europe, in some parts more then others, these alienated people, are becoming vulnerable to sinister forces, that are adept at manipulating working class disillusionment.  Think ultra-nationalism, racism, xenophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment, anti-semitism even.  This has resulted in several unsavory characters coming to power in Europe.  In Italy theres Sylvio Burlusconi, an ultra-conservative media mogul.  In Austria theres Joerg Haider, and his freedom party, with it's cleverly veiled fascist tendencies.
And just as recently as this April Jean-Marie Le Pen shocked Europe and indeed much of the world when he won the first round of French presidential elections and got to be the chief opponent of French President Jacques Chirac in the May election.  Le Pen is a vile reactionary, who tries to scapegoat immigrants and jews for the economic difficulties of the working class.  This shows us that what Europe needs is a viable left movement that is strong enough to breakaway from the establishment parties, that are supporting policies, that are detrimental to the working class.  Right now neo-fascists like Le Pen, are all too eager to fill the void left by the absense of a capable left.  Here in the USA, working people are also at times vulnerable to immigrant-bashing politics.  Think Pat Buchanan or Pete Wilson.  But the trend is not as deep as in Europe.  For example Pat Buchanan was forced to leave the Republican Party, and ran for president as the Reform Party candidate in 2000, and recieved less then 1 percent of the vote.  The Republican Party now goes out of it's way to court the votes of the latino community.  Any hostility to immigrants, most of whom are latino, would be politically suicidal.  Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida even went so far as to have his son, a hispanic, campaign for his brothers succesful presidential run.  So while the US is not perfect on racial and immigration issues, it seems to be looking a lot more progressive then certain European countries right now.  And thats not a good thing.  If Europeans, who are widely acknowledged, to be more sophisticated then Americans, can fall for this kind of garbage, Americans would surely gobble up this anti-immigrant hysteria.  One truly has to wonder what kind of political market there is in the country for a xenophobic, anti-immigrant politics, like that which Le Pen has brought to challenge President Chirac.   These are very disturbing trends taking shape in Europe, and should be viewed with trepidation.
   Other then that my day went pretty well.  Ok who am I kidding?  My day was complete shit.  I came in to work about a half hour late.  My supervisor say's "hey whats up"?   Do you see the clock up there?  As far as I could tell she was only half-serious.  She may have wanted to present me with genuine indignation, but our usually goodn-natured relationship prevented her.  Naturally I decided to test the boundaries of this relationship.  I said the clock is fast.  You should fix it.  At this point she quite clearly overcame her inability to manifest authentic anger.  After a string of unmemorable but sufficiently angry opprobrium at my being late, she said Sean how about trying to set a goal.  Just set a goal.  So I told her I had a goal already.  And that goal was to quit this stupid job before the Summer ended.  And so thats how the day started.  The next nine hours included laboriously veiled hostility towards customers, defending myself against what I perceived as insults, and making myself look as pathetic as possible if any girls tried to talk to me.  Which one did by the way, but I'll get into that later.  
  First off let me tell you, that I very rarely smile while on the job.  I'm a fuckin cashier by the way.  It's a horrible back-breaking job, with constant pressure on you.  That last thing I feel like doing is faking a god damn smile for a bunch of half-wits with attitude problems.  And so the comments came.  One woman in particular got my dander up.  I was having a bit of trouble with one of her items, and was becoming quite visibly flustered.  All of sudden, I hear "Smile!" from the face in front of me.  I look up and I see this annoying middle aged woman, feeling just so clever.  So I said; put yourself in my position!   To this she responded by explaing that she deals with customers all day.  Whatever.  Like that gives her some kind of advantage in this little exchange.  I chose not to take this any further.  But what I felt like saying was; If you deal with customers all day, then you should know how annoying it is when some fucking idiot tells you to smile.  But I just didn't have the nerve to say anything like that.  Then later on some old lady on my line comes up to me with a razor blade in her hand, handing it to me she say's, in a very accusatory tone; "I found this over there and I don't think it's a very good idea".  As if it were my fault that a razorblade was lying on the ground by the cash register.  It pissed me off.  Why should I be the recipient of this womans nastiness?  "I don't think it's a very good idea" phhh.  Feeling quite helpless in the face of her quite unnecessary rudeness I retorted "gee what was I thinking?" As if to mock the ludicrousness of her accusatory tone.  I believe it elicited some sort of comment from her, possibly involving the telling of my manager, but I didn't really give a fuck.  So I just kept drudging on.  Later I noticed this really campy-looking girl.  Maybe about 17 or 18 years old.  Very campy.  She had on a lot of eye make-up, and just looked like she belonged in 1974 in a mobile-home with dark brown wood-panneling, stealing cigarrettes from her mom.  Anyway I noticed that this campy-looking girl was sitting across from my register on one of those blood pressure machines.  She wasn't taking her blood pressure, she was just sitting there, inconsiderately preventing somebody from actually using it.  I looked up at her, for one quick glance at her campiness, when I noticed she was looking at me.  So I of course gave her a quick dirty look.  She had a few friends, or possily siblings around her, and my look seemed to elicit some comments.  I looked away briefly and then looked once again.  This time she waved at me.  And it wasn't a sarcastic, patronizing wave, it was a real hey whats up kinda wave.  I sensed this was the perfect time for my wow-are-you-really-waving-at-me headspin, in which I pretend to look around to see if they could possibly be waving at someone else.  I pulled it off like a pro.  The purpose of the headspin is to show a girl how pathetic, yet charming you are.  Nothing turns a girl on more then a guy who seems to have absolutely no self-confidence.  Sure enough, before long the campy broad came up to me and said hi!   She tried to start a conversation on some silly pretense that I was friends with some people that she knew.  She rattled off a few names, as I pretended to actually wonder if I knew any of these people, which of course I didn't.   At this point I was thoroughly disappointed.  If she wanted to talk to me, she was going to have come up with something more interesting than this.  I decided to nip it in the bud at once.  I went full throttle with the pathetic and left the charming in the dust.  "well I really don't have any friends" I explained in my most pitiful, snot-nose brat voice.  She just said "oh", smiled and walked away.  I don't know -campy just doesn't do it for me.  I'm more into kitsch.  If the girl was kitsch instead of campy I would have been willing to look past her lame conversation-starter.  
   Other then that I think I got insulted by a few people with mullet hair-dos, which of course, I don't worry about for obvious reasons.  See if your wearing A. a mullet on your head, B. any NASCAR-related apparel, or C. a shirt or hat that say's "if you can't run with the big dogs, then stay on the porch", I simply will not take you seriously as a threat.  So don't waste your time or mine.  Wearing A, B, or C just shows that you have a complete lack of intelligence.  I'm not saying I like people that are pretentious assholes.  I'm just saying I don't like people that go out of their way to be stupid, obnoxious douche bags.   The other day an acquaintance and I were walking at our college, and a pick-up truck full of socially retarded mongoloids drives by and makes some kind of derogatory comment about my appearance.  I personally didn't see fit to respond in any way, shape, or form.  But the person I was walking with seemed to be quite disturbed by it.  I think they insulted you he said.  I said yes, it's quite possible, but they were driving a pick-up truck.  "But" he said, when I interrupted him, this time in a considerably more forceful tone, they were driving a pick-up truck.  I didn't feel I needed to say anymore.  So I didn't.  I mean c'mon.  Please.