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New Poor
Who is the New Poor?  The New Poor is everyone who has been shut out from the capitalist neocolonisation of our planet.  The invisible people.  The people swept under the rug, hidden from the cameras, kept down, left out, and fed up.    The New Poor, have not bought in, and will not sell out.  The New Poor rises to crush the machinery of oppresion, and control their own destiny.   They will not beg for hand outs, and be satisfied with table scraps.  They will expropriate what is rightfully theirs, and set their own tables.   With force they will rectify the lack of proportionality in income distribution.  The New Poor, as a united front has done the math.   It is aware of it's strength in numbers, and it's weakness in division.  And daily they are multiplying.   Let the seeds of discontent be sown.  Let no man settle in defeat.   The New Poor, will not patronize McDonalds, or Burger King.  The New Poor will not patronize Wal-Mart, for they recognize that behemoth corporations seek to subjegate them in many ways.  The New Poor is learned.  And with their wisdom comes urgency.   For with this wisdom the entire class is impugned by inaction.   They know they must throw off the yoke of capitalist exploitation.   The New Poor is without national borders.  They need not borders to see defeat and hardship, so then do they need borders to see triumph and justice?   The New Poor will bring this culture of death and misery to a grinding halt.  Man will undergo a revolution not only in politics and economics but in spirit.  For with the realization of the power of collective action.   The capitalist world outlook is flipped upside down.   The world ceases to be a jungle.  And paradise ceases to be a utopian's dream.