Governmental bodies in the region
City Governments
The City of Albany
The City of Auburn
The City of Batavia
The City of Beacon
The City of Binghamton
The City of Buffalo
The City of Canandaigua
The City of Cohoes
The City of Cortland
The City of Crumm Mountain
The City of Dunkirk
The City of Elmira
The City of Geneva
The City of Glen Cove
The City of Glens Falls
The City of Gloversville
The City of Hornell
The City of Hudson
The City of Ithaca
The City of Jamestown
The City of Kingston
The City of Lockport
The City of Long Beach
The City of Middletown
The City of Mount Vernon
The City of New Rochelle
The City of New York
The City of Newburgh
The City of North Tonawanda
The City of Norwich
The City of Ogdensburg
The City of Olean
The City of Oneida
The City of Oneonta
The City of Oswego
The City of Plattsburgh
The City of Port Jervis
The City of Poughkeepsie
The City of Rochester
The City of Rye
The City of Schenectady
The City of Sherrill
The City of Syracuse
The CIty of Tonawanda
The City of Utica
The City of Watertown
The City of Watervliet
The City of White Plains
The City of Yonkers

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County Governments
Albany County
Broome County
Cattaraugus County
Cayuga County
Chautauqua County
Nassau County
Orange County
Otsego County
Putnam County
Rockland County
Schenectady County
Schoharie County
Suffolk County
Ulster County
Westchester County

Town Governments
Albany County
Town of Bethlehem
Town of Colonie
Town of Guilderland
Town of Knox
Town of New Scotland
Rockland County
Saratoga County
Town of Clifton Park
Schenectady County
Town of Glenville
Town of Niskayuna
Town of Rotterdam

Village Governments
The Village of Monticello

State Offices
Governor George Pataki (R)
Lt. Governor Mary Donahue (R)
NYS Comptroller H. Carl McCall (D)
NYS Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (D)
The City of Albany (as of 2002) 

Mayor Gerald Jennings (D)
Common Council

Common Council President
Helen Desfosses

1st Ward: Dominick Calsolaroe
2nd Ward:Carolyn McLaughlin
3rd Ward: Michael L. Brown (Majority Leader)
4th Ward: Sarah Curry-Cobb
5th Ward: Shirley A. Foskey
6th ward: Richard Conti
7th Ward: Shawn Morris
8th Ward: David R. Torncello III
9th Ward: James P. Sano (President Pro Tempore)
10th Ward: James R. Scalzo Jr.
11th Ward: Glen Casey
12th Ward: Michael O'Brien
13th Ward: Daniel F. Herring
14th Ward: Joseph Igoe
15th Ward: Sandra Fox

The City of Auburn (as of 2002)  

Mayor Melina Carnicelli
City Manager John Salamone

City Council

David Dempsey
Robert Hunter
William Jacobs
Thomas McNabb

The City of Batavia (as of 2002)  

City Manager Mathew W. Coppler
City Council

City Council President: Richard DiFilippo
At-large Councilperson: Christine Fix
At-large Councilperson: Frank Ferrando
1st Ward: Henry Moscicki
2nd Ward: Vicki Talbot
3rd Ward: Peter Garlock
4th Ward: John Bannister
5th Ward: Kathy Briggs
6th Ward: Rose Mary Christian

The City of Beacon (as of 2002)  

Mayor Clara Lou-Gould
City Council

At-large Councilperson: Fred Antalek
At-large Councilperson: Lee Kyriacou (D)
1st Ward: Deanna Leake
2nd Ward: Eleanor Thompson
3rd Ward: Sam Way
4th Ward: Steve Gold (D)

The City of Binghamton (as of 2002)  

Mayor Richard A. Bucci
City Council

District 1: Anthony Massar (D)
District 2: Dorinda R. Noll (R)
District 3: Eric S. Denk (D) Minority Leader
District 4: Joseph Sanfilippo (D)
District 5: Gordon R. Wackett (R) Majority Leader
District 6: Allen D. Brown Jr. (R) President Pro Tempore
District 7: Theresa K. Palleschi (R) President
District 8: Mary Lou Regulski (R)
District 9: John A. Cordisco (D)

The City of Buffalo (as of 2002) 

Mayor Anthony Masiello (R,D)
Common Council (Councilmanic Districts)

James W. Pitts
Common Council President

At-large Councilperson Rosemarie LoTempio
Deleware District Marc Coppola
Ellicot District Brian Davis
Fillmore District David Franczyk
Lovejoy District Richard Fontana
Masten District Antoine Thompson
Niagara District Dominic Bonifacio
North District Joe Golombek
South District Mary Martino
University District Betty Jean Grant
At-large Councilperson Beverly A Gray
At-large Councilperson Charley Fisher III

The City of Canandaigua (as of 2002)  

Mayor Ellen Polimeni
City Council

At-large Councilperson: Daniel Bray
At-large Councilperson: Sarah Hamlin
At-large Councilperson: C. Marshall Seager
At-large Councilperson: Keith Young
1st Ward: Michael Neiderbach
2nd Ward: Val Fenti
3rd Ward: Richard Russell
4th Ward: Lori Rivet

The City of Cohoes (as of 2002) 

Mayor John McDonald
Common Council

1st Ward: Kathleen Mayo
2nd Ward: Thomas Grudecki
3rd ward: George Primeau (Vice President)
4th Ward: Albina Grignon
5th Ward: Joseph Koval Jr. (President)
6th Ward: Daniel DeChario

The City of Cortland (as of 2002)  

Mayor Mary Leonard
Common Council

1st Ward: Alex Faraoni
2nd Ward: Kenneth Tobin Jr.
3rd ward: Rosann M. Morey
4th Ward: Jeffrey Guido
5th Ward: Daniel E. Quail
6th Ward: Peter E. Testa
7th Ward: James Partigianoni
8th Ward: Kathleen Hennessey

The City of Crumm Mountain (as of 2002) 

Mayor: Stanley Grossman (Social Democracy)

Common Council
Ward Alderpersons

1st Ward: Gertrude Silber
2nd Ward: Geoffrey Hatlee Minority Leader
3rd Ward: Bernadette Chapman
4th Ward: Jason Mattice
5th Ward: Harvey Gorenstein Common Council President
6th Ward: David Baxter
7th Ward: Ronnie Parker
8th Ward: Stache 'Steve'  Frankowitz Majority Leader
9th Ward: Terrence Sloan

The City of Dunkirk (as of 2002)  

Mayor Richard L. Frey (R)
Common Council

1st Ward: Chester F. Koslowski (D)
2nd Ward: Kevin J. Muldowney (R)
3rd Ward: Richard R. Makuch (D)
4th Ward: Janet Jankowski-George (D)
At-large Councilperson: Edward C. Divine (R)
The City of Elmira (as of 2002)  

Mayor Stephen M. Hughes
City Manager Samuel F. Iraci Jr.
City Council

District 1: William F. Hopkins Jr.
District 2: Shirley Williams
District 3: John J. Corsi
District 4: Terry M. McLaughlin
District 5: Daniel S. Royle
District 6: James E. Hare

The City of Geneva (as of 2002)  

Mayor Donald H. Cass
City Manager Richard Rising
City Council

At-large Councilperson: Gary Baxter
At-large Councilperson: Paul Schroeder
1st Ward: Jacqueline Augustine
2nd ward: William Krueger
3rd Ward: Kay Cocola
4th Ward: Louis Cosentino
5th Ward: Alaine Espenscheid
6th Ward: John Greco

The City of Glen Cove (as of 2002)  

Mayor Mary Ann Holzkamp (D)
City Council

Tony Jimenez
Dr. Albert Granger
Joan Meehan
Anzelmo Graziosi
Joseph Gioino
Michael Normon

The City of Glens Falls (as of 2002)  

Mayor Robert A. Regan
Common Council

At-large Councilperson: Kay Saunders
1st Ward: Jack Diamond
2nd Ward: Peter McDevitt
3rd Ward: Harold 'Bud' Taylor
4th Ward: Teena Weber
5th Ward: Scott Pauquette

The City of Gloversville (as of 2002)  

Mayor Frank Laporta

Common Council:
Councilmanic wards

1st Ward: Christopher Vose
2nd Ward: ?
3rd Ward: Frank Clemente
4th Ward: Michael Rose
5th Ward: Paul Reid
6th Ward: Mary Louise Mele

The City of Hornell (as of 2002)  

Mayor Shawn Hogan
Common Council

1st Ward: Robert Flaitz
2nd Ward: Chris Koehler
3rd Ward: William Norton
4th ward: Angelo Sciotti
5th Ward: Joseph Foreman
6th Ward: Joseph Testani
7th Ward: Jean Shepard
8th Ward: Daniel Smith
9th Ward: Mark Labanoski
10th Ward: William Hogan

The City of Hudson (as of 2002)  

Mayor Richard E. Scalera
Common Council

1st Ward: Judy Meyer
Robert F. O'Brien

2nd Ward: Quintin E. Cross (D)
Lyle J. Shook Jr. (D)

3rd Ward: Kathy K. Harter
Christopher J. Nedwick

4th Ward: Alan M. Keith Sr.
Edward T. Thompson Jr.

5th Ward: Robert J. Donahue, Sr. (D)
Peter M. Wurster

The City of Ithaca (as of 2002) 

Mayor: Alan J. Cohen

Common Council
10 Alderpersons

Each Ward is represented by two Alderpeople

1st Ward:
Patricia Pryor (R)
Paulette Manos (B)

2nd Ward:
Julia Diann Sams (D)
David Whitmore (D)

3rd Ward:
Susan Blumenthal (D)
Patricia Vaughan (D)

4th Ward:
Carolyn Peterson (D)
Peter Mack  (D)

5th Ward:
Edward Hershey (D)
Daniel Cogen (D)

The City of Jamestown (as of 2002)  

Mayor Samuel Teresi (D)
City Council

At-large Councilperson: James F. McElrath (R)
At-large Councilperson: Dr. Lillian V. Ney (R)
At-large Councilperson: Michael J. Mistretta (D)
1st Ward: Vincent Joy Jr. (D)
2nd Ward: Anthony J. Dolce (R)
3rd Ward: Vivian A. Taylor (D)
4th Ward: Mary Lou Edwards (R)
5th Ward: Andrew F. Johnson Jr. (D)
6th Ward: James J. Ventura (D)

The City of Kingston (as of 2002)  

Mayor James M. Sottile
Common Council

At-large Alderperson: James L. Noble Jr.
1st Ward: Scott DiMicco
2nd Ward: Chris Gonyea
3rd Ward: Richard Jankowski
4th Ward: Mary Ann Parker
5th Ward: James Madden
6th Ward: John Martino
7th Ward: William P. Reynolds
8th Ward: Robert Senor
9th Ward: Michael Madsen

The City of Lockport (as of 2002)  

Mayor Thomas C. Sullivan
Common Council

At-large Alderperson: John T. Pitrello
1st Ward: Scott R. Elliot
2nd Ward: Sean M. Smith
3rd ward: Mark J. Dudkowski
4th Ward: Patrick W. Schrader
5th Ward: John Lombardi III

The City of Long Beach (as of 2002)  

City Manager Harold Porr III
City Council

Joel Crystal President
Scott K. Nigro Vice President
Daniel F. Kearney
Denis G. Kelly
Leonard G. Remo

The City of Middletown (as of 2002) 

Mayor Joseph DiStefano (D)
Common Council

President: Marlinda Duncanson

1st Ward:
John Parella (D)
Joseph Masi

2nd Ward:
Robert Moson (D)
Joseph Dwyer (D)

3rd Ward:
Kevin Hayden
Edward Cummings

4th Ward:
Joseph Heppes
Russell Russo

The City of Mount Vernon (as of 2002)  

Mayor Ernest D. Davis (D)
City Council

Steven Horton President
Lyndon Williams (D)
Loretta Hottinger (D)
William R. Randolph (D)
Karen Watts-Cave

All Democrats

The City of New Rochelle (as of 2002)  

Mayor Timothy C. Idoni (D)
City Council

District 1: Michael E. Boyle Jr.
District 2: M. Christina Selin (D)
District 3: Beuenia 'Bee' Brown
District 4: Joseph F. Fosina
District 5: Noam Bramson (D)
District 6: Marianne L. Sussman

The City of New York (as of 2002)  

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R)
City Council

District 1: Alan Gerson
District 2: Margarita Lopez
District 3: Christine Quinn
District 4: Eva S. Moskowitz
District 5: Gifford Miller Speaker
District 6: Gale Brewer
District 7: Robert Jackson
District 8: Philip Reed
District 9: William Perkins Deputy Majority Leader
District 10: Miguel Martinez
District 11: G. Oliver Koppell
District 12: Larry Seabrook
District 13: Madeline Provenzano
District 14: Maria Baez
District 15: Joel Rivera Majority Leader
District 16: Helen Foster
District 17: Jose Serrano
District 18: Ruben Diaz
District 19: Tony Avella
District 20: John Liu
District 21: Hiram Monserrate
District 22: Peter Vallone Jr.
District 23: David Weprin
District 24: James Gennaro
District 25: Helen Sears
District 26: Eric Gioia
District 27: Leroy Comrie Majority Whip
District 28: Allan Jennings
District 29: Melinda Katz
District 30: Dennis Gallagher
District 31: James Sanders, Jr.
District 32: Joseph Addobbo, Jr.
District 33: David Yassky
District 34: Diana Reyna
District 35: James Davis
District 36: Albert Vann
District 37: Erik Martin Dilan
District 38: Angel Rodriguez
District 39: Bill DeBlasio
District 40: Yvette Clark
District 41: Tracy Boyland
District 42: Charles Barron
District 43: Martin J. Golden (R) Minority Whip
District 44: Simcha Felder
District 45: Kendall Stewart
District 46: Lewis Fidler
District 47: Dominic Recchia
District 48: Michael C. Nelson
District 49: Michael McMahon (R)
District 50: James Oddo (R) Minority Leader
District 51: Andrew Lanza (R)

All Council members are Democrats, unless otherwise noted.   

11-18: Bronx
19-32: Queens
33-48: Brooklyn
49-51: Staten Island

The City of Newburgh (as of 2002)  

Mayor Andrew Marino (D)
City Manager William F. Ketcham
City Council

Stephen Rockafellow
Regina Angelo
Nicholas Valentine
Elsa App
All Republicans

The City of Norwich (as of 2002) 

Mayor Robert Raphael
Common Council

Ward Alderpersons

1st Ward: Gary Clark
2nd Ward: Patrick McNeil
3rd Ward: Robert Rabinowitz
4th Ward: Jeff Thorton
5th Ward: Sharon Jeffer
6th Ward: Joseph Biviano

The City of North Tonawanda (as of 2002)  

Mayor David J. Burgio
Common Council

President: Catherine G. Schwandt
At-Large Alderperson: Larry Soos
1st Ward: Phillip Russel Rizzo
2nd Ward: Pamela A. Hogan
3rd Ward: Brett M. Sommer

The City of Ogdensburg (as of 2002)  

Mayor William D. Nelson
City Council

Thomas A. Hannan
Carl R. Tucci
Krestin F. Ericksen
Michael D. Morley
Samuel J. Lamacchia
Stephen C. LaRose

The City of Olean (as of 2002)  

Mayor William Quinlan
Common Council

1st Ward: Linda Witte
2nd Ward: Joyce Melfi
3rd Ward: Debra Reed
4th Ward: Robert Sader
5th Ward: Paula Snyder
6th Ward: Steve Teachman
7th Ward: John Padlo

The City of Oneida (as of 2002)  

Mayor James Chappell
Common Council

1st Ward: Don Skinner
2nd Ward: Edward Hanifan
3rd Ward: Erwin Smith
4th Ward: Army Carinci
5th Ward: Don Moore
6th Ward: Jim Griffing

The City of Oneonta (as of 2002)  

Mayor Kim Muller (D)
Common Council
Ward Alderpersons

1st Ward: David Ashe
2nd Ward: Stephen Pinder (D)
3rd Ward: Julie Carney (Community Advocate Party-D)
4th Ward: Keith Bott (D)
5th Ward: Rodger Moran
6th Ward: Michael Nader
7th Ward: Sean Farrell
8th Ward: Asa Allison Jr.

The City of Oswego (as of 2002)  

Mayor John J. Goseck
Common Council

1st Ward: William G. Mercier
2nd Ward: Barbara A. Donahue
3rd Ward: David G. Hall
4th Ward: Randolph F. Bateman
5th Ward: Susan E. Gallegher
6th Ward: Michael J. Farrell
7th Ward: William G. Dunsmoor

The City of Plattsburgh (as of 2002)  

Mayor Dan Stewart
Common Council

1st Ward: Michael Drew
2nd Ward: Jack Stewart
3rd Ward: Stu Voss
4th Ward: Bill Sabourin
5th Ward: Christine Rotella
6th Ward: Francesca Hartnett

The City of Port Jervis (as of 2002)  

Mayor Ross B. Decker
Common Council

At-large Alderperson: Stanley Siegel
1st Ward: Duane Mapes (D)
Carmen Prisco
2nd Ward: Thomas McCarron
Pattie Sardina
3rd Ward: Dennis W. Simmons
Gerald Oney Jr.
4th Ward: Steve Conklin
Judy Oppelt

The City of Poughkeepsie (as of 2002)  

Mayor Collette M. LaFuente
City Administrator James Marquette
Common Council

1st Ward: Frank R. Mora
2nd Ward: Vincent E. Brugger
3rd Ward: Clement Parkinson (D)
4th Ward: Thomas O'Neil
5th Ward: Barbara Jeter-Jackson (D)
6th Ward: Robert M. Bossi
7th Ward: Christopher Baiano (D)
8th Ward: Scott Volkman

The City of Rochester (as of 2002)  

Mayor William A. Johnson, Jr.
City Council

At-large Councilperson: Brian F. Curran
At-large Councilperson: Nancy K. Griswold
At-large Councilperson: Gladys Santiago Vice President
At-large Councilperson: Tim O. Mains
At-large Councilperson: Wade S. Norwood
Northeast District: Benjamin L. Douglas
East District: Lois J. Geiss President
Northwest District: Robert J. Stevenson
South District: Tony M. Thompson

The City of Rye (as of 2002)  

Mayor Steven Otis (D)
City Council

Carolyn C. Cunningham (D)
Robert H. Hutchings
Rosamond Larr
Douglas McKean
Franklin J. Chu
Robert S. Cypher
The City of Schenectady (as of 2002)  

Mayor Albert Jurczynski

City Council
Frank J. Maurizio
Joseph L. Allen
Mark W. Blanchfield
Denise K. Brucker
Edward J. Kosier
Cathy A. Lewis
Michael J. Petta
The City of Sherrill (as of 2002)  
Mayor Joseph Shay
City Commission

Betty Alshemimer, Deputy Mayor
Peter L. Glover
William Vineall
Brian Carroll

The City of Syracuse (as of 2002)  

Mayor Mathew J. Driscoll
Common Council

President: Bethaida Gonzalez
At-large Councilperson: Van B. Robinson
At-large Councilperson: Katherine O'Connell
At-large Councilperson: Joanne Mahoney
At-large Councilperson: Stephanie A. Miner
District 1: Steven G. DeRegis
District 2: Martin D. Masterpole
District 3: Rory A. McMahon
District 4: Michael J. Atkins
District 5: William J. Simmons

The City of Tonawanda (as of 2002)  

Mayor Jack E. Gallagher
Common Council

President: Carleton R. Zeisz
1st Ward: Colleen R. Perkins
2nd Ward: Blake R. Boyle
3rd Ward: James P. Kossow
4th Ward: Thomas W. Smyers

The City of Utica (as of 2002) 

Mayor Tim Julian
Common Council
Consists of a President, several councilmanic districts and two at-large positions

Common Council President: Patrick Donovan
District 1: Rose Ann Convertino
District 2: Howard Welch
District 3: Anne Sullivan
District 4: Robert Palmieri
District 5: Kelly Walters
District 6: Dayne Evans
Councilman at-large: Michael Caruso
Councilman at-large: Mello Testa

The City of Watertown (as of 2002)  

Mayor Joseph M. Butler
City Manager Jerry Hiller
Common Council

Jeffrey M. Smith
Roxanne M. Burns
Paul A. Simmons
Peter Clough

The City of Watervliet (as of 2002) 

Mayor Robert Carlson

City Council:
William Anderson
Charles Diamond
All Democrats

The City of White Plains (as of 2002)  

Mayor Joseph M. Delfino
Common Council

Benjamin Boykin President
Robert Greer
Glen Hockley
William King
Rita Z. Malmud
Thomas M. Roach

The City of Yonkers (as of 2002)  

Mayor John Spencer
City Council

President: Vincenza Restiano (R)
District 1: Symra Brandon (D)
District 2: Sandy Annabi (D)
District 3: Richard J. Martinelli (R)
District 4: Liam McLaughlin (R)
District 5: Gordon A. Burrows (R)
District 6: Dee Barbato (R)


County Governments

Albany County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Michael G. Breslin
County Legislature

District 1: George L. Infante (D-C) Albany
District 2: Lucille M. McKnight (D-C) Albany
District 3: Wanda F. Willingham (D) Albany
District 4: Virginia Maffia-Tobler (D-I) Albany
District 5: Fowler J. Riddick (D-I) Albany
District 6: Julie Denison (D-I) Albany
District 7: Thomas R. Monjeau (D) Albany
District 8: E. Nany Wiley (D) Albany
District 9: Paul M. Collins (D) Albany
District 10: Daniel P. McCoy (D-C) Albany
District 11: Gary W. Domalewicz (D-C) Albany
District 12: Frank J. Commisso (D-C-I) Albany
District 13: Michael A. Richardson (D-WF) Albany
District 14: Harold L. Joyce (D-WF) Albany
District 15: Phillip G. Steck (D-C-I) Loudonville
District 16: Robert J. Beston (D) Watervliet
District 17: Sean E. Ward (D-C-I) Green Island
District 18: John M. Stackrow (D-C) Cohoes
District 19: Gilbert F. Ethier (D-C) Cohoes
District 20: John A. Graziano, Jr. (R-C-I) Cohoes
District 21: John J. Riccitelli (R-C) Latham
District 22: Paulette M. Barlette (R-C) Latham
District 23: Susan M. Tatro (R-C) Niskayuna
District 24: Marlene W. Prentiss (R-C-I) Albany
District 25: Paul E. Scaringe (R-C) Loudonville
District 26: William P. Melchionni III (R) Loudonville
District 27: James W. Nowicki (R-C-I) Colonie
District 28: Christine W. Benedict (R-C-I) Albany
District 29: Gene Messercola, Sr. (D-C-I-WF) Schenectady
District 30: Allen F. Maikels (D-I-WF) Albany
District 31: William F. Aylward, Jr. (D-I) Altamont
District 32: Mary Lou B. Connolly (D-C-I) Albany
District 33: Herbert W. Reilly, Jr. (D-WF) Voorheesville
District 34: David A. Young (R) Delmar
District 35: Charles S. Dawson, Jr. (D-I) Glenmont
District 36: Robin J. Reed (R-C-I) Selkirk
District 37: Peter T. Clouse (R-C-I) Coeymans
District 38: Charles E. Houghtaling, Jr. (D-C-I) Feura Bush
District 39: Alexander E. Gordon (D-C-I) Berne

Broome County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Jeffrey P. Kraham
County Legislature

District 1: Mark R. Whalen
District 2: Arlene E. Nannery
District 3: David L. Lindsey
District 4: Vincent A. Pasquale Minority Leader
District 5: Patrick F. O'Day
District 6: Thomas A. Hull
District 7: Arthur J. Shafer
District 8: Wayne L. Howard Majority Leader
District 9: William H. Miller
District 10: Jane R. Sweet
District 11: Chris W. Burger
District 12: Andrew M. Kavulich
District 13: Daniel A. Schofield
District 14: William T. Wike
District 15: Wanda A. Hudack
District 16: Brian Brunza
District 17: George M. Kolba, Jr.
District 18: Brian K. Mather
District 19: James L. Holley

Cattaraugus County (as of 2002)  

County Administrator Donald E. Furman
County Legislature

District 1: Crystal J. Abers
District 2: E. James Ellis & Elliot J. Ellis, Jr.
District 3: D. John Zimbardi & Howard D. Zollinger
District 4: Earl R. Helms
District 5: Gary M. Felton, Gerard J. Fitzpatrick (Chairman) & Patrick J. McCrea
District 6: Thomas M. Moser & Mark S. Williams (Majority Leader)
District 7: Vergilio L. Giardini, Jr.  & Carol A. Ginter
District 8: Charles G. Krouse
District 9: Anthony L. Revetti & Carmen A. Vecchiarella (Minority Leader)
District 10: David J. Anastasia, Jon K. Baker, William R. Rostan, Paul
J. Schafer & James J. Snyder

Cayuga County (As of 2002)  

County Clerk Joseph R. Marshall
County Legislature

District 1: Loren Geer
District 2: Paul Dudley
District 3: Herbert M. Marshall
District 4: Earl M. Lamphere
District 5: Raymond Lockwood
District 6: Dr. David L. Walrath
District 7: George Fearon
District 8: Dale W. Parker
District 9: Steven E. Cuddeback
District 10: Jeffery Q. Blauvelt
District 11: William L. Catto
District 12: Jerry Secaur
District 13: Sam De Rosa
District 14: Michael Lepak
District 15: Steven Netti

Chautauqua County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Mark Thomas
County Legislature

District 1: Keith D. Ahlstrom (D)
District 2: Ronald A. Szot (D)
District 3: Chester L. Tarnowski (D)
District 4: Alvin M. Crowe (R)
District 5: Richard L. Bradigan (R)
District 6: Brian C. Abram (R)
District 7: Stephen N. Kimball (R)
District 8: Robert L. Anderson (D)
District 9: Lance S. Spicer (R)
District 10: Wally Huckno, Sr. (D)
District 11: Lula M. Taylor (D)
District 12: Jane N. Fagerstrom (D)
District 13: Anthony M. Teresi (D)
District 14: Tara Hall-Viele (D)
District 15: Laura Simons (D)
District 16: Joseph Trusso, Jr. (D)
District 17: Richard C. Babbage (R)
District 18: Louis S. Drago, Jr. (R)
District 19: Jay Gould (R)
District 20: Fred Croscut (R)
District 21: James E. Caflisch (R)
District 22: Doug Richmond (R)
District 23: Francis E. Lus (D)
District 24: Sallie S. Pullano (D)
District 25: Stephen W. Keefe (D)

Nassau County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Tom Suozzi (D)
County Legislature

District 1: Patrick Williams, Sr. (D) Uniondale
District 2: Roger Corbin (D) Hempstead Deputy Presiding Officer
District 3: John Ciotti (R-C) Elmont
District 4: Michael G. Zapson (D) Long Beach
District 5: Joseph Scannell (D) Baldwin
District 6: Francis X. Becker, Jr. (R) East Rockaway
District 7: Jeffrey Toback (D) Oceanside
District 8: Vincent Muscarella (R) Bellerose
District 9: Richard Nicolello (R)
District 10: Lisanna Altman (D) Great Neck
District 11: Craig Johnson (D) Port Washington
District 12: Peter J. Schmitt (R) Massapequa Minority Leader
District 13: Norma L. Gonsalves (R) East Meadow
District 14: Salvatore B. Pontillo (R)
District 15: Dennis Dunne, Sr. (R) Levittown
District 16: Judith Jacobs (D) Woodbury Presiding Officer
District 17: Edward Mangano (R-C-I) Bethpage
District 18: Brian Muellers (D) Glen Cove
District 19: David Denenberg (D) Merrick

Orange County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Edward A. Diana
County Legislature

District 1: Michael Amo
District 2: Melissa Bonacic
District 3: Michael R. Pillmeier
District 4: Harvey J. Burger
District 5: Frank A. Fornario, Jr.
District 6: Patrick J. Berardinelli, Sr.
District 7: Spencer M. McLaughlin
District 8: Dimitrios Lambros
District 9: L. Stephen Brescia
District 10: Bernard Winstanley
District 11: M. William Lahey
District 12: A. Alan Seidman
District 13: Wayne A. Decker
District 14: Roxanne Donnery
District 15: George A. Green
District 16: Leigh J. Benton
District 17: Anthony Marino
District 18: Bonnie Kraham
District 19: Michael D. Paduch
District 20: Jeffrey D. Berkman
District 21: Thomas Pahucki

Otsego County (as of 2002)  

Board of Representatives
District Representatives

District 1: Gregory Relic (R)
Unadilla, NY
District 2: James Powers (D)
South New Berlin, NY
District 3: Ronald Feldstein (D)
Otego, NY
District 4: Hugh Henderson (R)
Town of Oneonta, NY
District 5: Richard Thompson (D)
Milford, NY
District 6: Donald Lindberg (R)
Worcester, NY
District 7: Floyd Dubben, Jr. (R)
Cherry Valley, NY
District 8: Charles Bateman (R)
Cooperstown, NY
District 9: Eugene Wells (R)
Springfield Center, NY
District 10: Carl Higgins Board Chairman (R)
Edmeston, NY
District 11: Roberta Puritz (D)
Oneonta, NY
District 12: Catherine Rothenberger (D)
Oneonta, NY
District 13: Michael Swiderski (R)
Oneonta, NY
District 14: Kevin V. Hodne (?)
Oneonta, NY

Putnam County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Robert Bondi
County Legislature

District 1: Vincent Tamagna
District 2: Sam Oliverio, Jr.
District 3: Terry N. Intrary
District 4: Michael K. Semo, Jr.
District 5: Arne H. Nordstrom
District 6: Tony Hay
District 7: Robert J. Pozzi
District 8: Robert McGuigan, Jr.
District 9: Regina C. Morini

Rockland County (as of 2002)  

County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef
County Legislature

District 1: Douglas J. Jobson
District 2: Salvatore Corallo
District 3: Roman Rodriguez
District 4: Ilan S. Schoenberger
District 5: Kenneth P. Zebrowski
District 6: Robert M. Berliner
District 7: Ryan S. Karben
District 8: William L. Darden
District 9: Gerold M. Bierker
District 10: Harriet D. Cornell
District 11: Theodore R. Dusanenko
District 12: Ellen C. Jaffee
District 13: Alan M. Simon
District 14: V.J. Pradhan
District 15: Patrick J. Moroney
District 16: John A. Murphy
District 17: Frank A. Fornario

Schenectady County (as of 2002)  

County Manager Kevin D. DeFebbo
County Legislature

Peter J. Guidarelli (R) Chairman
Susan A. Lazzari (C) Vice Chairman
Joseph J. Suhrada (R) Deputy Chairman
Albert H. DeAprix, Jr. (R) Majority Leader
Cristine Cioffi (D) Minority Leader
Karen B. Johnson (D)
Vincent M. DiCerbo (D)
Brian Stratton (D)
Kent W. Gray (D)
Mona Golub (R)
Michael K. Kirvin (D)
Robert T. Farley (R)
Susan E. Savage (D)
Robert J. Serotta (R)
Judith D'Agostino (R)

Schoharie County (as of 2002)  
Board of Supervisors

Blenheim Robert Mann (R)
Broome Michael R. MacMillan, Sr. (R)
Carlisle Lester Hay (D)
Cobleskill Frank Reilly (R)
Conesville David Cammer (R)
Esperance Earl Van Wormer III (R)
Fulton Phillip Skowfoe (D)
Gilboa James Brown (R)
Jefferson Charles Buck (R)
Middleburgh Richard Hanson (C) Board Chairman
Richmondville Frederick Guay (R)
Seward Meredith McNeil (R)
Schoharie Martin Shrederis (R)
Sharon Daniel Schuppel (R)
Summit Louis Mead (R)
Wright Susan Loden (D)

Suffolk County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Robert J. Gaffney (R)
County Legislature

District 1: Michael J. Carracciolo (R-C-I-RTL) Baiting Hollow
District 2: Goerge O. Guldi (D) Westhampton Beach
District 3: Fred Towle
District 4: Joe Caracappa
District 5: Vivian Fisher (D-I-WF) Setauket
District 6: Martin W. Haley (R) Rocky Point
District 7: Brian X. Foley
District 8: William J. Lindsay
District 9: Ginny Fields (D) Oakdale
District 10: Cameron Alden
District 11: Angie Carpenter
District 12: Andrew A. Crecca
District 13: Lynne C. Nowick
District 14: David A. Bishop (D)
District 15: Maxine Postal Deputy Presiding Officer
District 16: Allen Binder
District 17: Paul Tonna (R-RTL-C-I-WF) Presiding Officer
District 18: Jon Cooper (D)

Ulster County (as of 2002)  

County Administrator William Darwak
County Legislature

District 1: Towns of Denning, Marbletown, Rochester, and Wawarsing
Susan Cummings (R-I-C)
Edward Jennings, Jr. (R-C)
Gerald L. Depew (R-C)
Richard A. Parete (D-G)
Marlene Dunn (R)

District 2: Towns of Hardenburgh, Hurley, Kingston, and Olive
Ward Todd (R-I-C) Chairman
Robert Parete (D-W)
Linda Bertone (R-C-W)

District 3: Towns of Saugerties, Ulster, and Woodstock
Robert T. Aiello (R-I-C)
Joseph P. Roberti, Jr. (R-I-C)
Gary Bischoff (D-I-W)
Michael L. Stock (R-C)
Joan Feldmann (D-I-W) Minority Leader
Kevin J. Hinchey (D-I-W)
Alice Tipp (R-C)

District 4: The City of Kingston
John J. Naccarato (R-I-C)
Frank R. Dart (D,I,C,W)
David B. Donaldson (D,I,L,W)
Jeanette Provenzano (D,I,L,W)

District 5: Towns of Esopus and Rosendale
Joan A. Every (R,I,C)
Brian Hathaway (R,C)
Alan Lomita (D,G,W)

District 6: Towns of Gardiner, Plattekill, and Shawangunk
William Calabrese (R,C)
Albert V. Meyer (R,C)
Wayne Harris (R,C)
Glenn P. Noonan (R,I,C)
William C. McAfee (R,C)

District 7: Towns of Lloyd, Marlborough, and New Paltz
Daniel L. Alfonso (R,I)
Charles E. Busick (R,I,C)
Frank Felicello, Jr. (R,I,C)
Barbara Santoro (R,C)
Fawn A. Tantillo (R,C)
Richard A. Gerentine (R,I,C) Majority Leader

Westchester County (as of 2002)  

County Executive Andrew Spano
Board of Legislators

District 1: George Oros
District 2: Ursula G. LaMotte
District 3: Suzanna Swanson
District 4: Michael Kaplowitz
District 5: William Ryan
District 6: David R. Hall
District 7: George Latimer
District 8: Lois Bronz
District 9: Richard G. Wishnie
District 10: Vito Pinto
District 11: James Maisano
District 12: Thomas J. Abinanti
District 13: Clinton I. Young, Jr.
District 14: Bernice Spreckman
District 15: Louis A. Mosiello
District 16: Andrea Stewart-Cousins
District 17: Jose I. Alvarado
Town of Bethlehem(Albany County) 

Supervisor: Sheila Fuller

Town Board
Doris Davis
George Lenhardt
Thomas Marcelle
Daniel Plummer
Town of Clifton Park(Saratoga County) 

Supervisor: Phillip C. Barrett

Town Board
Roy A. Speckhard (Deputy Supervisor)
Thomas E. Paolucci
Sanford Roth
Lynda Walowit

Town of Colonie (Albany County) 

Supervisor: Mary E. Brizzell
Town Board

Kevin Bronner
Brian Hogan
Frank Mauriello
Nicole Criscione-Szesnat
Peter Tunny
Thomas With
Town of Guilderland(Albany County) 

Supervisor: Ken Runion

Town Board
Mike Ricard
Dave Bosworth
Patricia Slavick
Bruce Sherwin
Town of Knox(Albany County) 

Supervisor: Michael Hammond

Town Board
Charles Conklin
Dennis Decker
Linda Heath
Nickolas Viscio

Town of New Scotland(Albany County) 

Supervisor: Ed Clark

Town Board
Andrea M. Gleason
Scott Houghtaling
Richard C. Reilly
Cathy Conners
Town of Glenville(Schenectady County) 

Supervisor: Clarence W. Mosher

Town Board
David S. Bradley
Peter V. Russo
Penolope A. Pajak
Arkley L. Mastro, Jr.
Town of Niskayuna(Schenectady County) 

Supervisor: Luke Smith

Town Board
Liz Orzel-Kasper
Bill Chapman
Diane O'Donnell
Richard Holt
Town of Rotterdam(Schenectady County) 

Supervisor: John Paolino

Town Council
Anthony Jasenski
Steven Tommasone
Diane Marco
Holly Vellano

The Village of Monticello  

Mayor Gary P. Sommers

Victor Marinello
David Rosenberg
Scott Schoonmaker
Mary Jo Oppenheim

NY Governor George E. Pataki
Elected in 1994, defeated Democrat Mario Cuomo
Re-elected in 1998, defeated Democrat Peter Vallone (D)
Up in 2002
H. Carl McCall (D) vs. Andrew Cuomo (D) in September primaries.

History: Mayor of Peekskill, NY

NYS Comptroller H. Carl McCall
Democrat.   First Elected in 1992

Albany County
City of Albany
City of Watervliet
City of Cohoes
Cayuga County
City of Auburn
Chatauqua County
City of Dunkirk
City of Jamestown

Peekskill, Fulton, Little Falls, Amsterdam, Schenectady, Troy, Rome, Salamanca, Corning, Johnstown, Rensselaer, Cortlandt, Eastchester, Greenburgh, Ossining, Cuba, Lackawanna,

Ellenville Press
Carthage Republican Tribune
The Daily Courier-Observer-Potsdam & Massena