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Federal Cabinet Posts
The Bush Administration

President George W. Bush
Vice President Richard Cheney

Secretary of State Colin Powell
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (Former Defense Secretary under President Ford)
National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice
Attorney General John Ashcroft (Former U.S. Senator from Missouri)
FBI Director Robert Muellers
CIA Director George Tenet
Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham (Former U.S. Senator from Michigan)
Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neill
Secretary of Commerce Don Evans

The Clinton Administration

President William J. Clinton
Vice President Al Gore

Secretary of State Madeline Albright
Secretary of Defense William Cohen
National Security Advisor Sandy Berger
Attorney General Janet Reno

Judgeship authorization is based on caseload.  
The more cases a district faces, the more judges, the President will appoint.   

New York (51 judgeships)

Southern District
Shira A. Scheindlin