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Wedged uncomfortably in the mountains of Upstate NY's Central Leatherstocking region, Crumm Mountain has become notorious as a mecca for freaks, intellectuals, punk rockers, anarchists, and just about anyone disaffected with society in some way, shape, or form.    With a rich history steeped in working class action, including several general strikes, and a highly active socialist party, the city continues to lead the proletariat to its destiny with it's current Mayor Stan Grossman, of the Social Democratic Labor Party.  
This website is the product of a joint effort by the City of Crumm Mountain and various community organizations.
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Public Intellectuals
The City of Crumm Mountain is very proud of the great minds that reside here.  This section is devoted to some of our most prominent and celebrated thinkers, and the roles they play in our community.

Harvey Gorenstein
Gertrude Silber
Seth Berkman
Martin Delgrasso
Sanford Birdsall
Terry Sloan
Robbie Gerstner

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Meet the City Fathers and Mothers An early history of Crumm Mountain, NY


Now, for the not-so-serious minded folks.     Scroll downward for a taste of the sick sense of humor the Crumm Mountainites are famous for.        

Family of tourists found in basement icebox, hacked to pieces
Streetcrime skyrocketing, and not looking back
Downtown Still Not Recovering From Last Years Race Riots
Anarchists Set Fire To McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell in same night
City Tourism Burea Shuts Down.  Say's "we wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing we led people into this city".  
(The Real News)
Oct 1 2002
Mayor Stanley Grossman vows to use state aid to build a public housing facility for the homeless and destitute to temporarily house individuals while they get back on their feet.   The plan had been in the works for several years, but Grossman insists that it is needed now more than ever.   
City Elections a big win for the SDLP.     They held on to all their seats, and even picked up one.   Bernadette Chapman, a former Assistant City Attorney beat Republican incumbent Burt Schrader in the Gordon Heights seat formerly held by Mort Devereaux.
Schrader, only 28, was considered the Republican Party's only hope of winning the mayoralty.   Even though he lost, he may yet be a candidate for the 2004 race.    
Dec 02                                                                                                                                             The Central Committee of The Crumm Mountain Republican Party plans to announce Ray Selleck's successor for party chairman, within a week.   Selleck's successor will assume office as soon as Ray Selleck officially resigns as Chairman, which he has vowed to do as soon as the committee lines up a replacement.  
     Among the five-member Central Committee, support seems to be strongest for a hard-line conservative such as Ed Adams, or possibly Shane Bryant.   The more conservative members of the committee, Roger Lacroix, Dennis Felipe, and Ivan Cole are rock hard behind Adams, with the possible exception of Cole, who has expressed interest in seeing the position go to Shane Bryant, a much more conservative Republican.     Andrew Wilson and Gale Miller, although staunchly conservative, feel that a right wing party will alienate voters.   They want somebody who could be a little more versatile.   They are agreed that Ed Adams probably wouldn't be the best man for the job.   They would prefer former Common Council member and mayoral candidate John McAllister.  McAllister isn't sure however if he really wants to be the party leader.   In which case Miller and Wilson would throw their support behind another moderate Republican.   Either Drew Davidson, considered a longshot, or  Bobby Wawrzcuski, a newly converted Republican, a former Libertarian.   Considered an even longer shot.   Roger Lacroix, has said that he might be persuaded to vote for John McAllister, if he is certain that he is interested in the position.  
City Legislature Minority Leader Geoffrey Hatlee (R-Pomegranate Valley) say's cities budget surplus burning hole in Mayors pocket
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Where a family of tourists was kidnapped, raped, dismembered, and hidden in an ice box for 3 months.......
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Mayor Stanley Grossman (Social Democrat) calls war against terrorism "Operation Infantile Justice".   Draws criticism from Ed Adams, Tim Scudder, David Baxter, and Geoffrey Hatlee, all powerful City Republicans.

Mayor Stanley Grossman (Social Democrat) calls war against terrorism "Operation Infantile Justice".   Draws criticism from Ed Adams, Tim Scudder, David Baxter, and Geoffrey Hatlee, all powerful City Republicans.