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Terrorist Threat Eclipses Much Larger Healthcare Crisis 
     A report released last Spring by a mainstream group affiliated with the National Academy of Sciences, found that approximately 18,000 people are murdered every year by the wicked band of terrorists that make up this countryís for-profit healthcare industry.     Thatís roughly six times the amount of people that died in the September 11th terrorist attacks.   The disproportionate manner in which we respond to these threats against our security is maddening.      
     Yes, it took only one day for Al-Qaida to amass 3,000 American casualties.  Yes, it takes a whole year for the healthcare industry to kill off 18,000 people.  But, if we were to know for certain that another 3,000 people were to die tomorrow in another terrorist attack similar to 9/11, who among us, would allow it to happen?      I ask the same question of all those who insist on doing nothing while the bodies pile up around the international disgrace that is our healthcare system.    
     Look at the amount of money we spend on national defense, or on combating terrorism.    Given the data Iíve just revealed, wouldnít it be reasonable to propose spending 6 times that amount on a universal healthcare program that would cover all Americans?     If such a proposal seems ridiculous, thatís because it is.     A quality universal healthcare program would not cost 6 times the defense budget.     Such a system could be implemented using a minuscule fraction of the money allocated for national defense.    
     Even still, such reasoning assumes that not having health insurance, and being forced to worry day in and day out, if your going to survive, isnít simply another form of terrorism itself.      For the 40 million or so Americans that donít have health insurance, everyday can be September 11th.    It strains one to no end that such a situation is allowed to persist and worsen in the richest nation in the world.    Especially when a country like Cuba, sees fit to provide for its citizens with quality healthcare, despite a 40-year long US blockade.     When placed among  capitalist third world countries, Cubaís healthcare system shines.    In fact, Cubans receive better healthcare than many Americans do.     
     The only reason that we donít provide similarly for Americans, is because it would adversely affect the profit margins of the powerful corporations that make their money off the suffering and hardship of working Americans.     In my opinion these people should be with the rest of the terrorists down in Guantanamo Bay.