adam deemer
Adam Deemer is without a doubt the most conservative dude in Crumm Mountain.  For many, many years he has written about the evils of liberalism in the Daily Enterprise, Crumm Mountain's largest daily paper owned by Byron Slaughter.    During the reighn of Mayor Bill Walling he was even on a short list to be made City Attorney.    Deemer is head of a presitious law firm based in Pomegranate Valley, a wealthy suburb of Crumm Mountain.   Here is a list of the ten worst things Adam Deemer has either said or done.
10.  In the Summer of 1995, Adam Deemer suggested that Sean Bennett be arrested for calling Lewis Ward a "pig", and accusing him of corruption in front of a packed policeman's dinner.
9. In 1998 he defended Republican Mort Devereaux against conflict-of-interest charges when it was revealed that his firm stood to benefit from Byron Slaughter's 1995 acquisition of the Crumm Mountain Today newspaper, which he was instrumental in promoting as a Common Council member.
8. In 1995 he signed on as attorney for former Building and Development Commissioner Harry Nelson who was charged with embezzlement.    Then in 2001, Sean Bennett of Crumm Mountain Community Radio learned that Harry Nelson was reduced to working in the Garden Center at a local Wal-Mart, he subsequently urged listeners to go down there and taunt him.  Deemer, apparantly still Nelson's attorney issued a threat to sue Bennett, but never followed through.   
7.  In 2002 during Crumm Mountain's Wal-Mart unionization drive, Deemer wrote a column in which he claimed that if Wal-Mart workers voted for a union, they'd be voting themselves out of a job.   As of this day, not one of the Crumm Mountain Wal-Mart workers who voted for the union is out of a job.   Shame on Adam Deemer.   
6. Called on law enforcement in 1994 to crack down on the growing public nuisance problem presented by "punk rock slime and other maladjusted misfits."   
5. In the Summer of 1995, Adam Deemer wrote a column suggesting the Mayor condemn punkhouses and tear them down, without telling the illegal inhabitants.  
4. In 2000, he called Mayor Grossman in an attempt to weasel out of a proposed property tax-hike on his office building.  Grossman is reported to have laughed and hung up.    
3. In 2003 Deemer rallied local business owners against a proposed living wage law, urging them not to comply and to "stand up for their rights as Americans."
2. In 1998, Adam Deemer had sex with a donkey on live television.  Ok, we're just trying to se if your still paying attention
1. In 1995 Adam Deemer actually wrote a column defending the fatal police raid of the Alexander Berkman Collective which left three dead and ten wounded, calling the victims "useless, drunk, filthy cop-hating scum who deserved to die."  

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