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City Hall

The delivery of municipal services, the economic navigation of the city, and the execution of justice.  
These, and many other responsibilities are dealt with inside the Crumm Mountain City Government Building.  Aka City Hall.   For a closer, more detailed look.  Choose one of the options below.  

The Mayor
The Common Council
 City Department Managers
Judicial Offices
Upcoming elections
A brief history of Chlymidia Mountains various governments

The building at right with the golden dome and the four pillars
is city hall


Pomegranate Valley
Gordon Heights
Quinn Hill
Hickory Ridge

The job of governing Chlymidia Mountain, is left to three branches.  A legislative branch, (the City Legislature) that writes the legislation.   An executive branch (A Mayor) that enforces the legislation, theres is set of City departments to facilitate this task.  And last, but certainly not leastm there is the judicial branch.  This branch is made up of two lower conviction courts, two appeals courts, and a High Court, that rules not only on lower court cases, but also on it's own cases involving City laws and ordiances, that might be City Charter violations.